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Happy New Comic Day. Let’s get to some things you may want to pick up today including a first issue.


George Perez has written and created some of my favorite female characters and excels at world building so how could I resist the first issue of his new female team book for Boom!? There’s a…

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There should be a White History Month in America. That way we can teach all about the things White Americans have done in history, like:

  1. Cherokee Trail of Tears
  2. Japanese American internment
  3. Philippine-American War
  4. Jim Crow
  5. The genocide of Native Americans
  6. Transatlantic slave trade
  7. The Middle Passage
  8. The history of White American racism
  9. Black Codes
  10. Slave patrols
  11. Ku Klux Klan
  12. The War on Drugs
  13. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  14. How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
  15. How whites still benefit from slavery and genocide
  16. White anti-racism
  17. The Southern strategy
  18. The rape of black slave women
  19. CORE
  20. Madison Grant
  21. The Indian Wars
  22. Human zoos
  23. How the Jews became white
  24. White flight
  25. Redlining
  26. Proposition 14
  27. Homestead Act
  28. Tulsa Riots
  29. Rosewood massacre
  30. Tuskegee Experiment
  31. Lynching
  32. Hollywood stereotypes
  33. Indian Appropriations Acts
  34. Immigration Act of 1924
  35. Sundown towns
  36. Chinese Exclusion Act
  37. Emmett Till
  38. Vincent Chin
  39. Islamophobia
  40. Indian boarding schools
  41. King Philip’s War
  42. Bacon’s Rebellion
  43. American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
  44. History of the gun
  45. History of the police
  46. History of prisons
  47. History of white suburbia
  48. Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
  49. George Wallace
  50. Fox News
  51. Cointelpro
  52. Real estate steering
  53. School tracking
  54. Mass incarceration of black men
  55. Boston school busing riots

And so on. No fear of running out of topics: there is more than one a day! I am sure my commenters can come up with tons more, probably some big ones that are not coming to mind at the moment (I did not list slavery, the abolitionist movement, the civil war, Reconstruction or Lincoln since they are, in fact, covered in history class, however poorly).

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I got off track because of a temporary struggle because of my kind heart. I bounce back quick and I read into numbers. Already within a week down 4 lbs. 222.2 is just another beginning. #yogi #namasté #scale #222 #losingbutwinning


Don’t just do the pose. Feel the pose.

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They are so freaking cute together it’s sickening!! ❤️❤️ but I love them both!

Where is the video gimme gimmeee

If he’s playing Aquaman can she play Queen Mera??? PLEASE????

i need this video. someone link me.

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Deadpool #08

Deadpool #08

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△ ▼ ▽ gentle ghetto △ ▼ ▽

✨💖💎y2kbae 4 Eva💎💖✨

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Give me a Black Goddess sister! I can’t resist her!
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City Council meeting on Tuesday night in Ferguson. Part 4.

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